How to Carry Your iPad (and all its stuff)

This spring I had an issue with my foot that caused me to need to limit the time I spent on it. This was a big bummer but did encourage me to rethink some teaching strategies. So I ended up using my iPad in class to project slides and write on them as we did problem solving together. (More about that later – reflections on both the technical and pedagogical aspects.) I thought it worked fairly well but I did feel a bit silly each class as I trudged in with my huge armful of tech (laptop, iPad, chargers for both, stylus, laser presenter thingy, and personal clicker).

But, I just found a really great sleeve for my iPad, and I wanted to share it here. It’s the Amazon Basics 11 inch felt laptop sleeve. The price is crazy low ($3.16 right now for the light charcoal) and it has three pockets – one large and two small – which are perfect for styli, laser presenter, clicker, and charger.